De-Winterize and Spring Clean your Camper/RV

Spring is almost here and its time to get out. Here are some helpful tips to de-winterize and spring clean your camper or RV.

  • 1: Replace the drain plug in the hot water heater unit.
  • 2: Un-bypass the hot water heater.
  • 3: The propane tanks need to be checked and filled if needed.
  • 4: Give the unit a good washing from top to bottom. Use the proper cleaners so the surface is not damaged. Attack the awning which is a mildew magnet.
  • 5: Inspect all the entire camper for any damage, maintenance needed & cleaning.
  • 6: Check the air pressure in the tires before heading out on the road.

Safe travels and we look forward to seeing you along the Mattaponi River at Rainbow Acres Campground.