Virginia wine tours

Take a wine tour in Virginia then relax by the fire at Rainbow Acres Campground located along the Mattaponi river in King and Queen county.

Here are a few wineries close by for a day of fall color, wonderful wines and foods.

New Kent Winery
A picturesque winery, you’ll immediately take note that this is a special, one-of-a-kind place like no other winery in Virginia. New Kent Winery produces Chardonnay, Reserve Chardonnay, Merlot, White Merlot, Meritage, Vidal Blanc, and Norton – a grape native to Virginia.

Saudé Creek
Saude Creek is a privately owned and operated vineyard and winery located on the Pamunkey River in historic New Kent County, Virginia. They produce Chardonnay Reserve, Pamunkey Fall, Saudé Creek White, Vidal Blanc, Tavern White, Squire’s Blend, Sweet Rebellion, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Meritage, Saudé Creek Red, Tavern Red and Chambourcin.

Williamsburg Winery
Our 300 acre farm, known as Wessex Hundred, is home to The Williamsburg Winery. The use of Hundred to name a property dates to the Colonial era and describes parcels of land sufficient to support a hundred families regardless of actual acreage. The Adagio has emerged as the leader of an elite collection of flagship wines for the state of Virginia, and such an illustrious wine deserves to be celebrated.

The Dog and Oyster – The Vineyard of the Hope and Glory Inn
The quirky name was created to honor the rescue dogs that rescue the grapes from deer and other animals; and, to honor the oyster, one of the Chesapeake Bay region’s greatest assets. Wines will be paired with oysters – the only vineyard in America doing so.

Don’t let autumn go by without spending the day trying out these wonderful Virginia wines followed by a stay at Rainbow Acres Campground.