Fishing and camping at Rainbow Acres Campground

Fishing at Rainbow Acres CampgroundChristopher Catfish

“I grew up spending summers at Rainbow Acres Campground and catching fish on the Mattaponi River” is what I will tell my children when we begin our camping and fishing at Rainbow Acres. I will also share with them these pictures of the many fishing memories.

Whether in a boat or on the bank, the Mattaponi river offers many types of fish; large and striped bass, catfish, perch, pike, and bluegill. “I’d spend all day out on the river fishing. It didn’t matter if I caught anything, I had fun being outside.”

“At Rainbow Acres there is a creek which meanders around the backside of the property and on the outgoing tide I hooked a catfish at the mouth of the creek. It was bigger than me.” I can’t wait for my children to come back from fishing with a wonderful memory like this to share.